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People of Antarctica - please visit my blog!

CK's life has now been visted by 6 continents (a visit by someone in Abdin, Egypt made Africa the 6th continent to visit). I'm still holding out for one of the 1,000 temporary people doing research on Antartica to visit my blog. If you visit, please leave your address in a comment and I will send you a bottle of wine.


The Eagles Won!

TC (my favorite nephew), the starting center for the Eagles, contributed in a BIG way towards the Eagles win in the Championship football game. They finished their season undefeated (12-0). See the video of them celebrating.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Must be really expensive coffee!

RR (my very old 1st cousin) is opening up a Secret Santa gift. He's not too happy with it. Little did he know that I was the Secret Santa. It was really expensive coffee!

Tricia - no F-bombs

Celebrated the extended (insert famous presidents name here) family Christmas party today. We've been doing it every year since 1978. As usual, it was full of lots of fun, good food and drink. Check out the video of TC (my sis) opening up a Secret Santa that MK made. I think it was stolen from her, though. Who ended up with it? If you know, write a comment.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Rumor is...One of the New Jersey Nets is gay...

From Media Take

The NBA is about to be rocked by one of the biggest scandals in league history. has learned that a prominent member of the New Jersey Nets has admitted to his family that he's bisexual.

In an exclusive interview, spoke with a friend of the family who claims the player "came out" during a recent trip home. According to our source, "when [the player] came out of the closet, everyone was shocked ... we would always see pictures of him with models. No one suspected that he was into men."

And what's more shocking, tells our source, is that the NBA player has entered into a romantic relationship with one of his childhood friends. The tipster explains, "the two boys were friends since childhood ... when [the player] went to the NBA, he brought along [the friend] as a personal assistant." The tipster added, "I don't know how to feel, I love them both but something doesn't seem right about them being together like that."

And the source tells that the NBA star's relationship with his former pal appears to be serious. The source explains, "[the player] could have kept it quiet and nobody would have suspected. He came out because he wanted us to accept his relationship." The source added, "those two have been friends for many years .. if their relationship is anything like their friendship, its got to be serious."

The NBA player, who is African American, has been linked to a number of women in the past - all of whom are Caucasian. He is also known for enjoying the night life with his teammates and good friend Tyson Beckford.

For legal reasons, has decided not to print the name of the player.


I have an educated guess: [DELETED]

Ryan Adams - Oh My Sweet Carolina Video

From Wednesday's 12/6/06 show @ Town Hall, NYC.

More to come tonight!


MS, loyal reader of CK's Life points out that ├╝ber-blogger Trent from Pink is the New Blog was at last nights show.
Check out his site for what he thought of the show.

Ryan Adams @ Town Hall, NYC 12-6-06

Check out video of "When the Stars go Blue". Too bad he ended early due to some a-holes but great setlist and show nontheless.

pick me up
When the stars go blue
Oh my sweet carolina
Love is hell
This is it
Afraid not scared
La Cienga Just Smiled
Wish You Were Here
Judy Garland
Blue Sky Blues
Winding Wheel
Willow Jane
Rescue Blues

More video and photos to come. Need sleep and gotta work.

Until then,


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ryan Adams and Nora Jones @ Town Hall

You are going to have to tilt your head a bit. This is a video of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals performing with Nora Jones. Went to the show with Alo. I thought it was a good show, although my seats sucked a bit and it didn't compare to yesterday's concert. It was good, but yesterday was brilliant. Cool to see Nora Jones, though. Excited for tomorrow. More photos on flickr in the morning. Check out the set list...stolen from Ryan Adams Archive (and maybe the girl sittting behind me).

What sin
Nobody Girl
Harder Now That Its Over
September >
Meadowlake Street
Freeway to the Canyon
Trouble on Wheels

-set break-

Easy Plateau
Goodnite Rose
Cherry Lane
Dear John (w/ Norah Jones)
Stella Blue

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I was so excited I fell off my brontosarous!

Just got back from seeing Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at Town Hall in NYC. Saw the show with the"I fight Cancer" do-gooder AS. Great show. Here's the setlist:

Magnolia Mountain
Please do not let me go
Dear Chicago
Peaceful Valley
Tears of Gold
Cold Roses
New York New York
Arkham Asylum
Kiss Before I go
Let it Ride
Bartering Lines
To be young
Blue Hotel
Beautiful Sorta
The End
Expressway to your Skull
Whart Rat
I see monsters

I took some video but the files are huge. Got a cool video of AS squeezing Ryan Adams' head. I'm trying to figure out how to compress the file but I'm an idiot. Anyone know how to compress a 400MB file to a more manageable size or am I screwed. Damn stupid new camera. Ill try and be smart and get some more manageable video up tomorrow. CK tired.



Sunday, December 3, 2006

2006 Mount Sinai Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Patient Holiday Party

AS once again put together a great holdiay party for the pediatric patients at Mount Sinai Hospital. MK and I followed orders from the "smaart kids" from Bronx Science and managed to complete a couple of balloon arches. There were lots of presents from Santa and good food to get the kids into the holiday spirit.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals tickets for NYC Shows!

I may have some extra tickets to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals play Town Hall in NYC this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (12/4, 12/5, 12/6). I got my tickets through TicketMaster and paid $46 per ticket which includes the service charge. That's all I'm asking for. If interested, post a comment.


Don't drink and drive!

You might end up like this guy: