Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Open Letter to Mr. Charlie Weis


Dear Mr. Weis -

My name is RCK (that's me above) and I've been a Notre Dame Football fan all my life. My Daddy and his whole family have rooted for Notre Dame and Notre Dame Football for many many years. (Daddy was lucky enough to get into Notre Dame grad school when the admissions office was out to lunch). You see, Daddy grew up in an Irish family on an island full of Italians. Notre Dame and Notre Dame Football always reminded him that he's Irish and proud to be Irish! He was just 11 years old when Mr. Holtz led the Irish to an unbeaten 12-0 season and the National Championship. Ever since then Notre Dame has fielded many good and great teams but we haven't been able to win the National Championship. Please Mr. Weis, can you promise me a National Championship this year? I know the team is young and we've lost many talented players like Mr. Quinn and Mr. Samardzija (mommy says I'm a good speller). Perhaps I'm asking too much. I think both Daddy and I will be happy with a bowl win. Can you promise that to me Mr. Weis? We don't want to lose 10 in a row.

I have faith in you as a leader and coach, in the toughness and grit of Mr. Zbikowski and in the potential of Mr. Clausen and the entire Notre Dame football team. Please Mr. Weis, bring us home a bowl win this year!

Go Irish!


RCK (son of CK, MS '00)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Notre Dame Baby (aka RCK) Goes to Sleep

Check out RCK sleeping in his favorite Notre Dame onsie. The ND onsie was a gift from fellow Notre Dame alumni JJF and his fiance VC (soon to be VF). JJF should receive some credit for helping me get through grad school.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hanging with the cousins

MK, RCK and I headed to Connecticut to see MK's cousin KD, her husband ZD and their two sons ZGD and FD. FD was born just two days before RCK. There is a joke in there....but I'll let it lie.

Also joining us at the D's house was RCK's uncle GT and aunt BT. GT is a card carrying mixologist and treated us to some mojitos. Pretty tasty stuff. Too tasty...I woke up with a little headache this morning. One of the ingredients in the mojito is mint leaves. GT grows his own mint leaves in his backyard garden. He grows alot of good stuff in the garden. Apparently rotting deer's head makes good fertilizer.

After dinner we got to see the much anticipated video from GT and BT's wedding. ZD did a great job editing and it looked great.

Video of FD hanging with RCK (Where you running to FD?)

MK and her brother GT:

KD and her son FD:

Cousins FD, ZGD and RCK:

BT and FD:

FD and RCK:

Look what RCK learned while I was in Hotlanta

While I was in Atlanta, GA for work on Monday and Tuesday of last week, RCK was figuring out his mobile. I'm glad MK got it on video so I didn't miss it. Check it out:


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alo got Lasik Surgery

Just got am email from Alo:

After 32 years of life and approximately 27 years of wearing glasses, I have finally gotten Lasik surgery.

Check out the before and after:



Check out the blood shot eyes:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

AC Thinks CG's Head is Lunch!

Check out video of RCK and his friends AC and CG. AC must have been hungry as we caught her trying to eat CG's head. Priceless!

The Hartsdale Babies

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Portuguese Man Jumping up And Down for A Message in a Bottle

Check out my co-worker LS jumping up and down to the beat of A Message in A Bottle performed by the reunited The Police yesterday at Giants Stadium. He comes in as it counts down from 4:10 and jumps all the way through 4:05. His wife, JS, looks on in horror.

MK and I caught this on TV last night. Its pretty funny when someone you know pops up on TV.


PS - How awful was Kanye West? I say very awful. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

These smiles don't come easy...

Alot of work goes into them. See below: